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March 18th, 2010, 00:17
There's some great stuff in this interview.

I think Alpha Protocol, however, takes a little bit of a different track in terms of exactly how you approach conversations. We tried to make sure that it didn't follow the RPG convention of always being able to go back and ask everybody everything. It was very much, like, "You're going to have one conversation; the timing of your responses is very important, and the attitude you take with each person is important, too."

You will want to have done your research, and you're going to want to pay attention to everything they're doing in dialogue, so you can figure out what their motivation is, so you can basically play them to get your mission accomplished.
That all sounds awesome. I've always thought it would be cool if there was more opportunity to sort of try to gather intelligence on characters and situations, as an optional thing, and have that be a major feature of a game. But then maybe if you're not discrete enough, the people you're trying to dig up info on will find out you're coming and prepare appropriately, making the mission all the harder.

Chris Avellone: In Alpha Protocol, you can get through the game without killing anyone. And I want to make the distinction there that there may be times where you can use non-lethal gadgets to subdue people, or to distract them so you can move around them.
This is good. I think that in an RPG it's important that the player be able to keep the killing of people to a minimum. I don't mind slaughtering hordes of monsters, but I don't like it when you end up killing hundreds of people though a game, and that has no real impact. In an RPG, that sort of thing should be handled more… realistically, say. If, in the course of my missions, I go around slaughtering everyone in my way, I want to get a rep as a butcher, and have people react to that, maybe have an impact on the PC.

Also MCA reads RPG Watch regularly

Obsidian could really have a breakout year in 2010. AP and F:NV are both sounding awesome. I think AP could really benefit from being delayed, that extra coat of polish could make it a true classic.
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