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March 18th, 2010, 12:03

G2 has nothing whatsover to do with Forsaken Gods, PB themselves admitted that G2's storyline concept drifted off the main gothic concept…(read as original G1)…"conflict of the gods"
In an effort to correct this storyline drift, in a somewhat sad but true dissatisfaction with the gothic gamers inabillity to solve the original concept puzzle and locate the solution with connecting with and redeeming the "conflict of the gods" - PB returned once more to the original G1 concept in the guise of G3. The storyline this time was more open and forthcomming yet still remaining vaguely disguised and subliminal with the concept's purpose. G1 and G3 have the same concept though approached from a slightly different angle.
Although a great game in itself, G2 was a kind of "lame duck" of the series in respect of recognising the conflict that the gods themselves had created.

G2 does not enter the "forsaken" equasion.
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