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March 18th, 2010, 23:50
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
It just isnt very accessible, and w/ the difference in style from the instantly-likeable Elizium I was being a tough customer.
It's the Gothy kind of Goth, with production made deliberately lo-fi. So, no, not all that accessible. It took a while before I liked it myself, but nowadays I love it. Back when I was looking into everything with the Goth tag The Sisters of Mercy was my favorite band of the two (got them at about the same time). I rarely listen to TSoM nowadays, but I still love FotN.

Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Gosh, Ubereil, Guns and Roses. I've actually heard that song before, unlike most of the cuts this thread produces.

Perhaps you listened to some of these as a kid, too
something hardcore, with major earsplitting feedback
Not that verision, but yes, yes I did. Not an awful lot, but I at least had/have his greatest hit collection. It's a great collection too, as I noticed when I picked it up again few years ago.

Originally Posted by magerette View Post
something serious
I used to love that song as a kid (didn't have it on record, but whenever I heard it I loved it).

Originally Posted by magerette View Post
something sarcastic (I tried to pick up the roses theme on that one)
Eh, no… Still, two out of three isn't all that bad, especially since the third wasn't serious…

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