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March 19th, 2010, 06:42
you got me all wrong, I'm all about lo-fi and gothic rock, nothing I like more than settling into some good old Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, etc. Listening to "The Sky's Gone Out" right now

In fact if you can recommend anything new to me, I think Ive burned out all good goth/deathrock cds. I cant stand classic Christian Death tho. It may be heresy, and I like the music itself, but freakin Rozz Williams just sounds like too much of a flamboyant sissy flamer for me. Cant do it

The Wake gets put down because theyre such Sisters imitators they might as well be a tribute band, and Ive never gave them a shot. I'm getting curious and just may get "masked" and try it out. It doesnt sound bad, it's just when a band so blindly copies another it leaves kinda a bad taste in my mouth and thus Ive avoided them.

Back to FOTN, the problem is more the total vibrato overload in Carl's voice - just didnt work for me, like I said, the guy sounds at times like he's literally driving down a bumpy road while he's singing. It's growing on me and I can take it now, but at first it was just too much. Poor guy sounded like he was having a seizure or something!
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