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March 20th, 2010, 22:33
Blades of Avernum has some bundled scenario and one is related to time event. It gets many negative comments in forums. For me it's been my favorite of those bundled.

In this scenario, you start knowing there's a day limit, you have to help an outpost. To reach it in time you'll have to travel through an unexplored land. Resting in the game cost time and travel time depends of some parameters. Also during your travels there are multiple events that can make you lost or win time.

Myself the first time I played it I arrived one day too late, but I didn't really lost the scenario as there was an ending in this case too and even a final battle.

I take back a save and replayed it an believed fail again but arrived the day before the limit and get an alternate ending with a successful outpost saving.

It's been thrilling fun, but well the player is very dependent of some events not easy to control precisely. For example a skill could help you not lost but there's a random part in how many day you lost if you get lost. By searching help you could find some shortcut making you save a lot of travel time, but you could also explore deeply some area and lost a significant time in travel and resting for no result for help your travel speed.

The fastest way aren't straight forward travels but it's not easy to find the better choices, even if you get some hints. One you know better the scenario its then very easy to arrive in time.
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