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March 20th, 2010, 23:00
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
An interesting idea.

In my opinion I think it would be fun to make hints towards the player's character that something indeed is depending on what you do in time.
Other things might perhaps not be so obvious and act rather as some kind of surprise or even "easter egg" for when the player plays through the game a second or a third time.
Yes there's two reason to implement alternate options, for offering choices to player, for diversifying a replay.

For player choices I think the key point would be to offer choices that the player look at only alternative and not as if there's a choice better than the other. It's not that easy to present to the player the time choice and achieve give him this balanced feeling.

For diversifying a replay, if you don't inform the player, there's a strong chance that most will use a time frame you didn't expect and will be in time or too late for all their replay. If you inform the player once the event is done to give him a hint for a replay, a danger is to make some players reload old save too often if he gets the feeling it didn't get something or lost some opportunity.

If time event is to put a time pressure on the player then this have to be made with care. The problem is that CRPG players are used to take their time, and that some game rules can have time consequences a bit extreme. For example a simple rest could be a lot of time travel lost in many CRPG. Or get back to a shop for byuing a stuff forgotten can be a major time lost, the problem is that CRPG players aren't used to such pressure.

A last note is that if time is important in some way in the game then I think that all the game design should be designed with that in mind.
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