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March 20th, 2010, 23:33
Originally Posted by GothicGothicness View Post
Here are some of the things you can currently do:

* Elf archers can hide in the trees making it easier for them to hit, and harder to hit them.

* Axe or Hammer wielding chars can smash/chop down the tree, hurting the elf, and hit others with the falling trees…

* Statues can be moved and or pushed down from roof-tops hitting unsuspecting enemies down below.. or blocking paths.

* Crates etc, can be crushed or pushed… or even hiding places!

* Trolls and other strong opponents can throw things such as rocks… logs…. or even smaller characters like half-lings or dwarfs….

I want more suggestions of fun ways to use the environment! Keep them posted in this thread please!
  • Put the tree in fire to have the elf flee the tree in hurry.
  • Throws someone on the elf in the tree to make the elf fall and the someone replace him in the tree.
  • Allow empty a barrel and enter in it for a same use than tree but not only elves but more long range.
  • Flame arrow or spell on the barrels… explode…. Doom. If enemies can use such trick let a flee delay before the explosion.
  • Allow build a solid wall to fight less enemies at same time, classical from Roguelike games.
  • Build a solid wall to block a path.
  • Dig into a wall or something to find a hiding place or again find a place where less enemies are fight at same time, again a classical Roguelike most often based on a limited resource.
  • Dig into something to open a new path, classical Roguelike.
  • Allow shake some trees to make fruits fall on ground to setup a slippery ground.
  • Walk on a cut tree trunk to roll on a row of enemies and damage them/make them fall or lost their weapon.
  • Use slope to make stuff roll on enemies with more damages.
  • Allow characters or some to use slopes to roll on enemies.
  • Use slope to run faster and bash some opponents.
  • Allow swimming underwater to reach long range opponents, this slowing but giving much better protection.
  • Some tall herb could increase some protection value, same for some small solid obstacle increasing defense against long range.
  • Allow pull a tree branch and release to hurt enemies.
  • Use the pull tree branch for some character catapult usage, same effects than a character throwing another character.
Well I didn't intend to list serious idea, it's just a mixed bag.
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