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March 22nd, 2010, 11:03
This has a lot of counter-intuitive implications. Empty a clip of bullets into an enemy's head, and the damage done is determined by your character sheet rather than where you're aiming or how powerful the gun is - so you can rush up to a boss and unload a shotgun into his stomach, and it will do practically no damage if your shotgun stat isn't high. Try to fire an assault rifle from far away without the requisite skill points, and you simply won't hit anything, no matter where you aim.
Ugh…that I do not approve of, whatsoever. It's ludicrous.
Honestly, had the Obsidian devs pushed the "skill-to-effect" towards influencing things such as the player's accuracy (by, for instance, implementing some aiming-reticule sway or whatnot), the ability of the character to rapidly fire, to swiftly reload, to maintain their weapon, to access new and more complex weapon modifications, to use the weapon in unique firing positions (as in, from the hip, while hanging from a ladder, one-handed, etcetera)…well, that I can get behind. It's logical: as in the real-world, you require skill to accomplish these things.
In what world, however, does the skill of a person dictate how much damage a shotgun blast to the stomach does? I can see it now: "Good heavens, you shot him in the head! Right between the eyes! …well, we're just fortunate it was your first time. Bullet bounced right off."
Hopefully AP comes with a toolset or engenders a modding community. Should such illogicality as this persist through to release, I will not be purchasing a copy.
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