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March 22nd, 2010, 12:21
I guess you don't really understand how shooting a gun works since even if you are steady you are likely to miss or just graze the person when you try to shoot them. One part is that even if you think you are aiming directly at the person or object it doesn't mean you are really aiming directly at them since you could be holding your gun at a slight angle and that would be enough for the bullet to miss or only do minor damage. (like hitting the side of the head or body or hitting the edge of a target) Another part is not being able to handle the recoil properly and holding the gun wrong which can increase recoil which will throw your aim off when you shoot. (shotguns have a lot of recoil and at the time you shoot your aim can be really thrown off) There are many other influences on your shooting accuracy even when you are steady have the target in your sights. This is also a game and not real life and things like mind set and psychological interferences. An example of this is say it is your first time or you are not accustomed to shooting people. You might be afraid or be against killing people but you need to do it to survive. Survival might get you in the right mind set but you still have that fear or are still against killing people. You go to shoot someone and you end up pulling up a little as you pull the trigger because you weren't really ready to do it.

PS. The first time I shot a rifle I was at a firing range and the gun was supported and I was steady on the target but when I shot I totally missed the target. I learned pretty quickly that you need to be careful on the angling of your gun, the way you pull the trigger, how you look at your sights, and the recoil in order to shoot where you want to shoot.

PPS. Even if you are 2 feet in front of your target the recoil from a shotgun could throw off your aim enough to hit them in the side or miss entirely. (you probably would have to be really inexperienced to miss entirely though)
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