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March 22nd, 2010, 11:28
It's a RPG, meant to reward you when you put points into a skill. Talking about accuracy is all fine and well, but if only accuracy was affected, then a player would easily be able to "break" the system in many ways. Especially since stealth is a pretty integrated element in the game. What's to stop me from using my high stealth skill to get up close to enemies, and blow them away with a shotgun or assault rifle that I might not have any skill in whatsoever?

Sure it can result in strange situations (hitting anyone in the eyes and having them carry on just fine in Fallout anyone?) but it's by far preferable to homogenizing the action and skills to the point where the skills are just a minor inconvineance. We get a system like Fallout 3 where I could complete nearly all of the game using a Laser Rifle even though I had never raised my skill in Energy Weapons at all.

I say thank god that the game seems to reward specialization character building to this point. The mainstream will undoubtedly hate it though. And besides, I'm pretty sure that you can spread skills over a larger number of skills and create a sort of jack-of-all-trades that is not master of anything.
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