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March 22nd, 2010, 11:49
I'm disappointed that they didn't take the Deus Ex route. Lack of experience with a gun resulted in major recoil and poor accuracy, especially over a distance, but close proximity to a target exponentially increased the likelihood of hitting your target. You also never, ever had a situation where the bullets were shown to physically hit the target but the game then said "nuh uh, the dice says you miss!"; I hated this in Morrowind, and it sounds like I might hate this in Alpha Protocol too.

It's possible that the segment Eurogamer got to play isn't indicative of the final game's balance, but it's certainly not sounding good. While it's not a good idea for an RPG of this sort to allow an FPS veteran to shoot like a pro without the stats to show for it, having shots physically hit but magically fail to harm the target doesn't make sense either.

Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
even if you are steady you are likely to miss or just graze the person when you try to shoot them … Even if you are 2 feet in front of your target the recoil from a shotgun could throw off your aim enough to hit them in the side or miss entirely.
That's all well and good, but Thornton is supposed to be a highly-trained super-spy, not some rookie who just got handed a particular type of gun for the first time. While he certainly wouldn't be a skilled marksman early in his career he would at least be able to fire commonly-used weapons properly.

In the real world, proximity to the target increases accuracy exponentially for even a moderately-experienced gun user, but for this game it sounds like proximity isn't as important as stats.
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