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March 22nd, 2010, 14:31
Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
I guess you don't really understand how shooting a gun works…
On the contrary, I understand all too well, having not only handled firearms for greater than nine years, but having been shot once as well. Best not to make assumptions about the probable skills of an individual you've never met, mate. It's bad form.

Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
…even if you are steady you are likely to miss or just graze the person when you try to shoot them. One part is that even if you think you are aiming directly at the person or object it doesn't mean you are really aiming directly at them since you could be holding your gun at a slight angle and that would be enough for the bullet to miss or only do minor damage. (like hitting the side of the head or body or hitting the edge of a target) Another part is not being able to handle the recoil properly and holding the gun wrong which can increase recoil which will throw your aim off when you shoot. (shotguns have a lot of recoil and at the time you shoot your aim can be really thrown off).
This is a joke, right? You did understand…
a) the context of my statement
b) recoil affects the gun after the shot has been made
c) see "a"
…if not, try reading the article anew. Better yet, allow me to point out the relevant passage: "unload a shotgun into his stomach"
We're not discussing the intricacies of handling or firing a gun, nor doing so at a distance. We're not even discussing a gun that fires a single slug. We're talking about a SHOTGUN that HIT someone in the STOMACH and did NOTHING.

Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
This is also a game and not real life…
Is it really? Well, blow me over!

Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
An example of this is say it is your first time or you are not accustomed to shooting people.
Arkose put it best: "Thornton is supposed to be a highly-trained super-spy, not some rookie who just got handed a particular type of gun for the first time."

Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
PPS. Even if you are 2 feet in front of your target the recoil from a shotgun could throw off your aim enough to hit them in the side or miss entirely. (you probably would have to be really inexperienced to miss entirely though)
What kind of wonky shotgun are you handling?
I've shot skeet with a standard 12-gauge and nary had an issue with shattering the little buggers at quite some distance. I've also blown away a watermelon at ten feet during a firearm safety demonstration. Again: recoil affects your ability to continue firing after the first shot has already been made.

Originally Posted by Starwars View Post
What's to stop me from using my high stealth skill to get up close to enemies, and blow them away with a shotgun or assault rifle that I might not have any skill in whatsoever?
I don't know…what is?
Honestly, how any one of you can accept this as even remotely logical is beyond me. Frankly, the scenario you describe sounds perfect to me. Why shouldn't this super-agent creep through the shadows and, on finding himself in possession of a shotgun, use it to decimate his foes? Sound tactics, from my perspective, yet in this world apparently his lack of "skill" means that weapon is best left as a paperweight.

Originally Posted by Starwars View Post
We get a system like Fallout 3 where I could complete nearly all of the game using a Laser Rifle even though I had never raised my skill in Energy Weapons at all.
That is a fairly horrid example, mate. What's more, the broken mechanics of one game need not reflect on another. I would also point out that implementing some of my ideas, as posted in my first reply, would negate such a thing.
For instance, what good would that Laser Rifle be, given your lax skill, if such a thing prohibited you from being able to repeatedly fire it without completely foregoing any sort of accuracy? If you were incapable of holding it securely enough to utilize such when running? If you could not reload it swiftly? If you lacked sufficient knowledge of its internal structure to service the weapon and, thus, maintain it in working order? If, when you chance upon some upgrade for such, you could not discern how it might be implemented? All these things would/are skill dependent, yet none are illogical.

Originally Posted by Arkose View Post
I'm disappointed that they didn't take the Deus Ex route. Lack of experience with a gun resulted in major recoil and poor accuracy, especially over a distance, but close proximity to a target exponentially increased the likelihood of hitting your target. You also never, ever had a situation where the bullets were shown to physically hit the target but the game then said "nuh uh, the dice says you miss!"; I hated this in Morrowind, and it sounds like I might hate this in Alpha Protocol too.
What he said.
Kudos, mate.
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