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March 22nd, 2010, 14:09
I don't know…what is?
Honestly, how any one of you can accept this as even remotely logical is beyond me. Frankly, the scenario you describe sounds perfect to me. Why shouldn't this super-agent creep through the shadows and, on finding himself in possession of a shotgun, use it to decimate his foes? Sound tactics, from my perspective, yet in this world apparently his lack of "skill" means that weapon is best left as a paperweight.
Because games are not driven by logic. It would seem to me that AP is a game that rewards specialization into certain skills. In my example, Stealthing would be so vastly overpowered because it would allow you to take down enemies with any type of weapon no matter your skill with it.
Again, this type of un-realism is very common in RPGs. In Fallout, you can shoot someone in the eyes with a shotgun, in TES game you can land hits on someones head with a heavy two-handed weapon, in Dragon Age you can spend a long time chopping at people with swords without them even flinching. You can't even equip certain weapons in D&D games if you lack a certain proficiency.

That is a fairly horrid example, mate. What's more, the broken mechanics of one game need not reflect on another. I would also point out that implementing some of my ideas, as posted in my first reply, would negate such a thing.
For instance, what good would that Laser Rifle be, given your lax skill, if such a thing prohibited you from being able to repeatedly fire it without completely foregoing any sort of accuracy? If you were incapable of holding it securely enough to utilize such when running? If you could not reload it swiftly? If you lacked sufficient knowledge of its internal structure to service the weapon and, thus, maintain it in working order? If, when you chance upon some upgrade for such, you could not discern how it might be implemented? All these things would/are skill dependent, yet none are illogical.
All well and good, but how much would this impact things in a game like AP? As far as I know, accuracy is already affected in AP by your skill with a weapon. I seem to recall mention (don't quote me on this, it's on the AP wiki however) that skill level *will* affect things like re-load time and recoil as well. Perhaps the developers felt that this is not enough to distinguish the skills from one another. That it would still be possible to play through the game as a shotgun guy with zero points into the shotgun skill even though it'd be a bit more troublesome.
And again, it'd completely overpower a stealth guy for example.

Realistic, no. Solid RPG design, yes.
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