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March 22nd, 2010, 16:18
Originally Posted by Starwars View Post
Because games are not driven by logic. It would seem to me that AP is a game that rewards specialization into certain skills. In my example, Stealthing would be so vastly overpowered because it would allow you to take down enemies with any type of weapon no matter your skill with it.
Nothing I say is getting through, is it?
Stealthing is overpowered in the real-world. Ever hear of the "element of surprise" or "taking them unawares"? Wonder why the assassins who avoid getting caught tend to stick with surprise attacks? Why absolutely no one who has any desire to win a confrontation, of any sort, ever begins by informing their opponents of their moves or intention? Because stealth is overpowered.
Good grief, I'm beginning to think gamers have actually come to embrace the AI development and balancing shortcomings that have led to the Rambo-approach becoming the most effective tactic…

Originally Posted by Starwars View Post
Again, this type of un-realism is very common in RPGs.
And pointing out the obvious accomplishes what?
Mind, it is not my intention to be derogatory, I'm merely curious as to how this is truly relevant. I understand your intent to validate such with the paragraph below…

Originally Posted by Starwars View Post
In Fallout, you can shoot someone in the eyes with a shotgun, in TES game you can land hits on someones head with a heavy two-handed weapon, in Dragon Age you can spend a long time chopping at people with swords without them even flinching. You can't even equip certain weapons in D&D games if you lack a certain proficiency.
…however, that leaves me with the same infallible recourse I used last: the broken mechanics of one game need not reflect on another.
It's like hitting yourself in the head, cringing at the pain, then doing it again. Why not…I don't know…stop? You're essentially arguing that, merely because everyone else has and/or is in the process of doing so, AP should hop on board.

Originally Posted by Starwars View Post
All well and good, but how much would this impact things in a game like AP?
I cannot say. Indeed, I sincerely doubt anyone short of the developers (for the moment) can.

Originally Posted by Starwars View Post
As far as I know, accuracy is already affected in AP by your skill with a weapon. I seem to recall mention (don't quote me on this, it's on the AP wiki however) that skill level *will* affect things like re-load time and recoil as well. Perhaps the developers felt that this is not enough to distinguish the skills from one another. That it would still be possible to play through the game as a shotgun guy with zero points into the shotgun skill even though it'd be a bit more troublesome.
If a character with "zero points" in the relevant skill were still able to play "the game as a shotgun guy," well, that's simply a hallmark case of poor game design, with particular regard to balancing and implementation of skills.

Originally Posted by Starwars View Post
And again, it'd completely overpower a stealth guy for example.
Again, stealth guys are inherently overpowered.
Besides, proper implementation of other game mechanics, such as an AI response to sound, would prohibit the more intelligent players from taking on the role of "shotgun guy" in any but the most extreme circumstances. After all, if you're aware, as a player, that the shotgun you chance across will allow you to level the next few baddies with little to no effort, yet bring the rest of the compound forces down on your head, set off alarms like mad and generally turn your stealth approach from a master stroke into an utter waste, why do it? Stealth kills would be such players natural forte, yet they should not be prohibited from using a shotgun if the case arises in which they desire to.
Really, this reads like the very case you cited (and I despise, as well): the D&D mentality of a character's inability to even equip something if they lack the proper proficiency.

Originally Posted by Starwars View Post
Realistic, no. Solid RPG design, yes.
And that's where we'll have to agree, to disagree.
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