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March 23rd, 2010, 02:35
Shooting guns was more fun in ME2 than in ME1. Play ME2 for a bit, then load up a fresh new game in ME1 - it's quite frustrating trying to shoot guns.

Realism aside, it's just not fun to play a character who is completely inept. The idea that character stats affect damage directly is a bit off, too. I don't mind my skills improving accuracy, giving me new moves and so forth, but if I manage to get a bullet in a guy's head, I want him to fall down.

Damage can scale by giving us better guns through the game. Accuracy can improve as we get better guns, mods, and more skills. You can make stats count, gear count, but still allow an unskilled character to be able to make basic use of each weapon. A system like in ME2, but with more stats and abilities would be the ideal, I think. If you can use the weapon at all, you can use it somewhat effectively. It's just not fun to suck totally.
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