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March 23rd, 2010, 14:19
There are various views on roleplaying but there is a constant on what it is. Roleplaying is taking on the role of another person in every way. That means you have the same capabilities as that person and don't have the capabilities of yourself. Since you can't actually create that person and go into their body and be limited by their capabilities you have to have a way to set the limitations of that character. The common way is through statistics that are determined to set limitations. Since that character should be able to progress like any living being does they need to implement a way for the character to progress through levels or something else. Now if that character was a real person then he/she would be guaranteed to succeed at anything within his/her means. As anyone should know that isn't how it works since something can happen at anytime and you can fail at what you are doing. An example is that I repair computers and have been doing this for 20 years but one time I was reinstalling windows on a computer and either I end up installing it on the wrong hd or I find out the disk is scratched and I can't continue. At that point I failed and would have to try again. Since we can't determine what the character is going to fail at or when then there needs to be something to determine the random chance of failure which needs to be based on stats since your stats determine how good you are at something. Also this would have to determine partial failure like missing and not fixing all problems in a computer. After this you would have a complete character in which you would roleplay using those artificial limitations so then you would be as close as possible to how that character would be in capabilities. There is the personality, history, and other parts but I'm going to stick to gameplay relative parts.

If you don't understand what I'm getting at up there then how can you say getting rid of the dice roll and replacing it with your own personal skills using a reticule isn't destroying most of what roleplaying is about. You wouldn't be roleplaying anymore since you wouldn't be relying on your characters capabilities that you are supposed to be going by while roleplaying.

PS. If you really don't understand what I am saying or that I am misunderstanding what you are saying give me examples of games that have implemented what you are talking about.

PPS. I read all of what you wrote which is why I have responded in kind. You are wanting a system where damage is only based on the gun you have and you want the how well you point your gun to determine whether you hit or miss instead of a dice roll determining whether you hit or miss. Also you talked about maintaining your gun being based on your stats with that gun.
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