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March 24th, 2010, 00:42
Hi guys. First time poster, long time reader.

In the trailer there is a text from CDP RED, after the logo, single frame, 1:57:
This message is for our biggest fans. Analyxing our stuff pixel by pixel, bit by bit. It's good to see you again! :-)
BTW: Simple minded people think that nobody is reading these days, dear reader of this, we think that we can agree that it is bullshit, huh?
Same as the fact that single player RPGs are dead, or PCs?
We sold 1.5 mln units game from dying genre on dying platform - so we somehow cannot agree ;-)

Before we start talking about TW2 : ) please let us thank you for your great support and appreciation. It allays motivate us and make us happy.

We started working on TW2 right after release of TW. Out goal was to create all the things which made TW so great in TW2 even better.
We are very proud of TW but let be honest, it was our debut. We never made any game before, and we practically learnt as we worked.
So there were many things which could be done better, you know it as good as we ;-)
But the vision, the main concept remain the same: game with mature, captivating, and unliniear story, and full of spectacular combat.
A game created by a team of independent thinkers immune to corporate priorities, who don't care what's trendy at a given moment.

The core vision of the game hasn't changed. What has changed is the quality and the maturity we can deliver. That's largely because, we're more experienced and also due to the fact that, we've created our own technology.
Do you remember how we made significant improvements with the Aurora Engine in the original game, but it still had its limitations?
Now we've created technology designed specifically to create
non-linear games with extensive plotlines and a living world…
well, there's no point in expanding on that too much - you have to check out our tech yourselves!
Nevertheless, we have many reasons to believe that you will like The Witcher 2!
See you soon and stay tuned
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