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March 26th, 2010, 05:23
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
Bethesda fanboi seeks suggestions on favorite mods. My favorite aspects of the game are the exploration, alchemy, and magic systems. I enjoy combat, but I don't really care about adding more enemies to fight.
Definitely look into Integration: Stranded Light.
Itīs probably the longest and imo by far the best quest mod out there.
Itīs lore and dialogue heavy, sports exploration in spades, supports multiple solutions, contains skillchecks, riddles, encourages clever use of magic here and there, combat is rarely needed and as a whole the mod is very nonlinear.
Itīs really well integrated into vanilla world, as well as Shivering Isles, and somewhat gives you more motivation to do vanilla quests (recognizes if youīre archmagister etc.).
It also requires LAME to be installed, which is a fine overhaul of magic system.
Itīs also virtually bug-free.
Only weaknesses are its occasionally weird looking characters, the fact it isnīt voiced and some quests are too hard to figure out. Overall itīs pretty much incredible.

As for the others, since you enjoy exploration, Iīd suggest Unique Landscapes and Better Cities for environmental facelift.
Dungeons of Ivellon is a really good dungeon romp with some good puzzles and atmosphere.
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