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March 26th, 2010, 08:35
An little update aboute the "face Gate"

Lead Character Artist
CD Projekt RED

It痴 understandable that no one likes things they got attached to being changed - that痴 a fact, that痴 why the new face woke up so many emotions. Let me give you a short clarification though

In case of TW1 Geralt痴 face was done, as I remember, 3 times totally from the scrap. It changed a bit every time, which you can see on various promotional materials. Since we started working on TW2, the face has changed another 2 times (the face from the first leaked material, believe it or not, was totally different than the one in TW1). We池e just constantly looking for and complaining

Since the times of TW1 we got experienced and got more skills, we can make more realistic faces which have proper proportion and human features. We also have incredible concept artists whose creations are way better than the ones from TW1. That痴 why we decided to redesign all main characters, and once again design their faces, just barely based on the originals (keeping only the most important features - Dandelion痴 little beard, Zoltan痴 haircut, etc)

Once we had the full set of main characters put together side by side, Geralt started to look strange his disproportionate face stood out making the impression of badly made model. It pushed us to iterate Geralt one last time, thanks to which the White Wolf got his human proportion, which bizarrely provoked many of your comments

For you, the old Geralt had a face with intentionally highlighted 層olfish features, for us he was simply a badly made model

Nevertheless, you rightly point out in your comments that Geralt looks too young, has too shallow scars, too few of them and too flat texture - WE鱈L FIX THAT! The texture of the face definitely needs to be fixed and will definitely make Geralt look differently. We値l probably mess with the eyes as well. However, the proportion of the face, its structure will probably stay the same - we won稚 come back to the old proportion both for technical reasons (ready facial expression system is done based on this head) as well as for time limitations (each iteration of Geralt痴 head takes a lot of time, which is always too short). Moreover, we池e simply happy with the face which you could see on the main page of GameTrailers:

In your comments you focus mainly on the last shot from the film, in which Geralt痴 face is in strange grimace. Let me point out that those shots were not prepared especially for the film, they are part of the game, they were recorded and used in the film which you will have the chance to check on Thursday.

Regarding the rest of the model:

Geralt痴 hair in the film and current gameplay has no physics applied (the hair is still), has no shader (which will diametrically change the look) and is taken from the first leaked material (June 2009) - we plan to make it from scratch. Additionally, there might be a possibility of changing the haircut by the player, I知 totally in favour of that.

On the film Geralt is wearing a heavy armour - that痴 why he痴 looking powerful and heavy, in TW2 the character will have much more equipment elements and armours. There will be light armours - just like the first three in TW1 - and heavy ones like the one from the film. Scabbards are not fully done yet, that痴 why they split while sword is being taken out - that will be fixed. We also have a sabre with curved scabbard, already done. Maybe it will be presented on Thursday as it looks super cool

Well, it took me a while but I hope I dispelled a few of your worries. I知 sorry I won稚 answer your specific questions but you created loads of them

Keep tight and thanks for your support!
(Sorry fore the gramma, are Danish)
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