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March 28th, 2010, 09:53
That's appealing but without to have controls in hand it's not easy to know. I suspect the area we saw are a lot linear, and the improvement is that obstacles are a lot more natural. It's good that it's possible to climb obstacle that could force area designers design map obstacles that are a lot more real. But that's not necessary I have seen games allowing jump and climb some precise obstacles not in general in the areas.

For the fights they seem to me highly suspecting because the dynamics are a lot too complicate and I don't see how a normal player could control that. Also the fights last a lot too long for non bosses fights, that is feeling like a demo gameplay more than a true gameplay.

I'm still highly curious to see and play the result and know the story. Well I'll have to buy a new computer so I'm not that much in a hurry to have it.
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