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March 31st, 2010, 22:33

I wrote/compiled a guide to Risen. It's 44 pages long (45 with the Table of Contents and title page) and includes everything about the game that's worth knowing. It's not just a copy/paste word dump either. I put a lot of effort into formatting the guide and arranging the information in a useful and accessible format, instead of just putting it out there. The appendix was made almost totally from scratch by me, keystroke by keystroke.

For the first time anywhere I've seen there's a clear, coherent and evaluated description of how to get yourself into the various factions. There are maps with descriptions of where to look for Ogre Roots and Hero's Crowns. There's an easy to use lockpicking cheatsheet so you don't have to savescum your way through Harbor Town each time you play. I've laid out all the plusses and minuses built in to choosing between axes, swords or staves (or Fireball, Ice Lance or Magic Bullet). There is also all of stuff you'd expect in a guide like this like a complete walkthrough, tables that list weapon stats and trainer locations, and the basics about armor.

Condensed Table of Contents
Choosing a faction
Skills Information: Melee, magic, thieving, alchemy, ranged weapons, prospecting and smithing, skinning
Attribute Information: Strength, dexterity, wisdom, mana, hitpoints
Complete Walkthrough including highlighted points of importance and pictures or maps when needed
Console commands in almost all of their iterations
Tables on: Swords, axes, staves, bows, crossbows, armor, forgeable items, potions, skill boosting items, scrolls, magic runes, cooking, training
Maps of: Every Hero Crown, Ogre Root and Pixie Hat in the game, Teleport Rune locations, lock combinations for the town and swamp camp, NPC locations

Download options:
[megaupload] [mediafire] (v1.3, English, 10 Apr 2010, 1.9mb PDF file)

If you like this guide please post a thank you of some sort in this thread or link to it from your site. This will keep the thread alive and hopefully it will show up on Google's radar.
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