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March 31st, 2010, 23:33
The only thread related to this guide that I look at regularly is the one I posted at [Something Awful]. I will check in on the others (which includes this one), but don't expect quick replies from me anywhere other than the SA thread.

If you can translate the guide into another language that would be great! German, Russian and Spanish would be especially nice. Please be a native speaker in the target language if you're going to translate the guide. If you want to translate it send me an email and I can provide you with a .doc file to make things easier. When you're done I will include download links to your translation next to the English version above so that everyone can get it. My contact information is in the Introduction portion of the guide. If you're from World of Risen or Gamepressure I'd of course be honored to have my guide up on your site somewhere.

Please email me if you wish to host this guide on your site. I will generally be happy to allow you to do so unless you're going to somehow charge people to access it (in which case you're scum and won't ask me for permission anyway). Expect me to use your site as a download location in these posts if you put the file up, though I will point people to your download page, not directly to the file.

This guide/post is crossposted at:
English: [Deep Silver] [World of Risen] [Steam] [Rpgwatch]
Deutsch: [Deep Silver] [World of Risen]
русский: [World of Risen]
Franšaise: [Deep Silver]
Italiano: [Deep Silver]

(I also wanted to post it on Gamespot and Gamepressure but their forums are garbage so I gave up.)
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