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April 1st, 2010, 00:24
I pugged with the most foul, useless, pathetic excuse for a rogue that I have ever seen last night.

He did not fight. He refused to fight. This included using a bow and staying back, or flanking and using sneak attack. He simply stayed well back from the party while we fought. He did not scout ahead, and we were forced to rely on my atrocious spot, as well as the monk's. Then we would have to wait for him to catch up, search for the traps, then disarm them. Which might take a couple minutes on some maps, like Gwylan's.

To add to it, he cursed out everything that moved. He spent his time in the party chat cursing at the Clerics (we went through three, because of him), the wizard (who was very effective and very good at what he was going), and pretty much everyone. Thus he not only did not do his job, but run off two good clerics and a good barbarian in the process.

Rest of the pug was surprisingly good; probably the worst was a WF fighter, who wasn't bad, just that only our wizard could heal him effectively. I dropped group after Gwylan's, but we ran all of House P on Hard save ToD.
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