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April 1st, 2010, 08:37
Yeah, if you lived a little closer that might work. But generally my play time has been fairly early, while Australia's lights are (mostly) out. Usually when I play, no one from the guild is on. I check.

I took my new Sorc through most of the Harbor solo today. Only used a lvl 3 Barb hireling for a couple long runs, and only had problems with one run when a rare that I'd not seen before popped up and managed to drop half my hp before I killed it. And it was right before the boss room. Got a nice cloak though, DR3 vs slashing, goes good with the bracers that give DR3 vs piercing. Now most of the time when I do get hit, it's a combination of "blurry" and "0".

This makes me want to test and see how high a DR I can get with a vet built WF now. I might do that on another server; just run and get the spearbane bracers and try for that cloak again, with a WF barb running the two feats that WF get that grant DR. Should be about 5 or so DR from the WF, plus 2 I think from Barbarian. So I might be able to hit 10DR vs Piercing and Slashing weapons. I THINK I might.

I went to another server and started two veteran characters; a Fighter2/Barb2 and a Barb4 (both WF). Both took Adamantine Body (DR3) and Improved DR (DR1), as well as the WF enhancement (DR1). The Pure Barb had 1DR more, 1 more rage (which also lasted longer), but 1 less STR (due to no Fighter enhancements) and 2 less feats (which meant no toughness + enhancements, thus fewer hp, and no power attack).

The Fighter/Barb did 2d6 + 1 + 1d6 + 17 or 21-36, with a +13 to-hit with Power Attack going. Add +3 from Rage (enhancement boosts this a bit) for 24-39 normal damage, double on a crit (48-78).

21 STR, 12 DEX, 21 CON, 10 INT, 6 CHA and WIS for the Fighter/Barb, the pure Barb had 1 less STR.

So with the Spearblock Bracers and Furor's Hide (Axeblock 3, or DR3vs Slashing) either build would have 10-11 DR vs Piercing and Slashing weapons. Basically, you could ignore most ranged weapons, and many melees would have trouble doing enough damage on normal up through the harbor.

As an added bonus, WF are immune to the exhaustion effect following a Barbarian's Rage.

I have no idea how well this would run; early on I see it being a solid build; but later? I don't normally run pure dps/tanks. This was using whatever starter stuff you get for a Vet build, plus two readily obtained items in level 1-3 quests. I don't view the Improved DR feat as worthwhile on it's on; -1 Damage (which can by bypassed with Adamantine weapons) isn't worth much in the long run.

5Dr/Adamantine actually from the WF feats and enhancement, so it's fairly easy to bypass half of it, while another chunk can be ignored by using a mace. Only 3DR (2 from Barb, 1 from starter item) are not bypassable. So the cost of two feats really isn't worth it. Without them, I could have gotten THF, and Cleave. Or maybe something to shore up my abysmal Will Saves.
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