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April 1st, 2010, 09:26
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
No longer.

But back in the day we were the 2nd biggest Gothic forum in the world. Including WoG. A lot of PB fans are still around.

I bet Myrthos would agree we host the file on our servers when it's (nearly) finished. That's more personal than a bunch of anonymous file hosters.
He may not be able to do so because, while I have reworked, rewritten and massively reorganized it, the maps and the text of the walk through are orginally from the gamepressure.com guide. Gamepressure can't really complain about some guy on the internet taking it and reworking it and offering it for free, but they might not like another site hosting it.

By the way, I did give credit to the gamepressure guide on the first page of mine. My guide, thanks to largely to better organization, much more thorough item and stat analysis, and a much better appendix, is at this point much better than the gamepressure guide — but a lot of the text in the middle portion of this is still theirs.
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