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April 2nd, 2010, 01:44
It isn't. Take a level of FvS or Cleric, and you just get Cure Light Wounds. While I managed to get it up to 30hp healing, that's a rare number, and it way outstripped when you're taking 60-80points damage.

At the very least, take Cleric up to 11 (I think) to get Heal. Which gives you 9 levels to play with. I've seen some Cleric/Monk builds doing that, which gives very high AC, decent DPS, and self-buffing and healing. But there's always a trade off.

For a caster, that means later game stuff will be basically immune to your spells due to the DCs being too low to matter, you miss out on higher level enhancements, etc… Plus higher level, more effective spells. And the SP to cast them regularly.

A 2 level dip into Monk for extra feats, Evasion and WIS to AC isn't bad for a Cleric, since it's -2 DC for a good bonus to AC, and Evasion. Items can help make that up somewhat. Or a 2 level dip into Fighter for bonus feats to boost dps, or whatever, as well as free weapon feats (for an armor-wearing Cleric).

But anything else the tradeoff isn't probably worth it, at least not until some PrEs come out which make them more worthwhile (Mystic Theurge FTW!).
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