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April 5th, 2010, 15:04
I started the game this weekend on my 360. Played about 6 hours. I'm hooked.

We all know the graphics are crappy on the 360 version, so I won't belabor that. Let me skip to the things I like.

1. How open it is. The game puts you on a strange island and leaves you to figure pretty much everything out for yourself. I like that.

2. The slow levelling. I get a sense that I have little or nothing to show for myself, and that I am going to have to make my way up in this world slowly.

3. No world-levelling. A few angry birds can kill me. Yay. It really adds to the sense of danger.

4. Exploration is a big factor. I can strike out on my own and see what's around that next bend. Usually, it's something interesting. Sometimes, it's something deadly.

5. The quests are designed (at least in the bandit camp, which is where I am) to play off each other in an interactive web, which is unlike other RPGs I've played, where quests are more disconnected. It feels like I'm having an effect on a community, not just checking off a checklist for individual NPCs. This is one of the most unique qualities. Must be a Pirhana Bytes thing.

6. Voice acting is quite good.

7. The NPCs have distinct personalities.

8. The economy is stingy. Gold means something here.

I'm really liking the game so far.
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