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April 6th, 2010, 07:56
Well, due to the new release, I'm back to playing Dwarf Fortress among my other things. New additions include greatly expanded health care, so that my dorfs can kill each other in even more amusing ways, a military revamp, so that my dorfs can kill each other accidentally in sparring, and some other updates and so forth.

It also broke some existing stuff, and runs incredibly slow right now, so I may wait for a few patches to come out to get serious. Or until I get a newer laptop. One built to handle DF (which apparently also runs multi-cores now, from the forum posts I've seen). Prior, it only ran off one core.

On the side, I've been rolling and rerolling a party in Wizardry 7 and a as of yet unnamed game I'm playing. And playtesting something, using a very crude hacked together mess.
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