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April 6th, 2010, 19:07
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
Not sure I completely agree with Ubereil's analysis…
Another sign of how evil republicans are! Any points in particular where you thought I was plain wrong? Disregard taste, please - I don't see the point in discussing which Kiss Me songs qualifies as "good" and my list wasn't supposed to be seen as fact.

As for their early work, do you mean up til HotD? I personally think Boys Don't Cry (if you get Three Imaginary Boys you miss out on the two best songs of the album, so don't do that) is worth getting just for the fact that it doesn't really sound like any other Cure album. It's plain, inventive, hook driven guitar pop that utilises clever interaction between the guitar and base because it's got nothing else to utilise. No synthesizers, almost no atmospheric stuff, almost none of the super nihilistic self-harm music The Cure is so famous for amongst pepole who aren't Cure fans.

And wtf, Bananafishbone is played a key higher on Spotify than on my CD?

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