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April 6th, 2010, 22:08
Both my characters are now level 7 and I got the +2 tome of supremacy for both of them. So all my stats increased by 2. So my level 7 characters can play level 9 quests and still hope to survive.

From playing in several groups on DDO I noticed that the most important factor for surviving quests is NOT the characters and levels, but the people playing. Some a really stupid and then the group will suffer. Others play as a coherent group and then we can do a lot. I'm quite frustrated at times being in a group with a PC always doing something else and ends up dead. Then the entire group falls apart and people leave in disgust. So you've spent a lot of time in the dungeon and received almost no XP. To make it worse you get an XP penalty for re-entering the dungeon.

So having a group of people who play as a group can make up for many levels.
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