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April 7th, 2010, 02:55
Well, if we ran in level 7 quests, the value might be in the loot we get. You can get +3 or +4 items, or flaming weapons etc… which are a definite upgrade compared to what we get now.

Running STK or other stuff more our level, then no. That's why I'm not running my Paladin with the guild anymore, at least until they catch up. It's no challenge to me, and detrimental to everyone.

I won't tell anyone to bring anything they don't want to, so if Peter brings his regular characters, that's fine by me.

Thrasher - That's what interested me at first, but I don't go with the pay to play stuff. While DDO has been different, every MMO I've tried, I've played in spurts. Paying 2-3 months when I'm not playing is a no-go for me.

If you're a good player, you'll have no trouble finding people on there eventually. Especially if you run a Cleric; you'll be inundated with invites. And I'm low level enough on several characters that there shouldn't be much of an issue once you break out of Korthos.

Rachail, Mureall, Suisaidh, and Mirie are my alts on Khyber. I'm also on Sarlona, as Grimmlck, though that's rare. I usually just test things out there, my main playtime is on Khyber.
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