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April 7th, 2010, 04:56
Yeah, I still haven't run most of Sharn, actually, even on my Paladin. Keep getting stuck with having to protect the snots in Bookbinder; they die before I reach them even on normal, and I don't have the excess healing to deal with them.

I have some of the higher level stuff already, but it gets to be more party-oriented the higher up you get. There are some quests that can't be completed with a single character completely, or at all. Then again, I bought them because I had the spare points, and figured I could run them and give my thoughts, helping prevent wasting points for anyone else who might be on a little lower income.

I don't even go to Korthos with my vet builds except to get those bracers I like. I was actually on Sarlona earlier tonight, running a new Ranger, just to see how they are. Never ran one before tonight. (No, I'm not deleting anyone just to run one on Khyber. I'm happy with my current characters, so if I do add one, it will have to be by buying a character slot or TR).
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