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April 7th, 2010, 08:04
Yeah, if you get those Black Widow Bracers, that should help negate more damage than just the 3DR.

I just ran STK with my monk solo. It was easy save for the STK2 and STK3 end fights, both of which made me drain my dragonmarks and pots. It's no huge issue, as I put so many pots into my bank with my Paladin and FvS, I had an extra stack of 100. It also pushed my to level 5.

Now I have a ring that grants +3 DEX and +1 AC (effectively 2 AC). My DES is 22, 24 in the lesser wind stance, with a +7 modifier. And I got an upgrade to my Monk AC bonus and immunity to disease.

So today, I managed to level two characters, one of which was about 20k off when I started. Not bad. Both are pretty cheap to run, the FvS because she handles all her own healing, and the Monk because my FvS handles all her own healing, and just dumps pots in the bank. I also apparently had another muckbane.
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