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April 7th, 2010, 11:36
We don't have many level 3 characters. Most are 4 and some are 5. I've been in many groups with 4 levels apart between characters and that didn't actually harm XP. Remember that we can always select quests on hard or elite and then the level of the quest is increased and you get more XP.

So you can definitely select quests of level 3-5 as a level 7 character. People with the lowest levels will quickly advance in levels to at least 4. So it's not like Joe will be level 3 for long.

Many of the quest series that start at level 3-5 increase with the chapters. E. g. Tangleroot gorge start at level 4 or 5 and end at level 7-8. It's 7 chapters.

From playing I see that it's normal to have a spread of character levels in groups. We just need to adjust the difficulty accordingly.

We now have lots of characters in our guild (I only have 2). Why do we create so many characters if we don't play them up from level 2-3? Why not start as veteran (level 4) if you want to start a new character? If you start a new one you can always play solo and with pug's to get to level 4 instead of spending our Friday guild slot replaying the same quests again so new characters can level up.

We have enough characters to play level 5-8 quests so why not focus on that instead of beginning all over again?

I've played most of the low level quests (level 7 and below) and I think we can have fun with those from all characters from level 3-7.

I think I've found my characters (1 cleric and 1 paladin) and don't think it's fun to make new ones that will become the same as these characters. I think it's best to use the guild Fridays with the same characters (or one alternate) instead of playing with new ones each time (often newly created ones). That's the reason we have a spread now. So if you want to play level 3 characters then I propose you play on without me.

Still, we haven't seen an XP loss you're afraid of if we select hard difficulty. Since e. g. my characters have played the quests we can at least do them on hard if I enter first. Then you get more XP, more favour and better loot. That means you level up faster.
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