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April 7th, 2010, 13:51
First of all, did you buy Gothic 2 or G2 Gold? The latter includes the add-on and is an exceptionally difficult game.

Originally Posted by Daroou View Post
Also, I can't attack consistently. It almost never happens. I click and the creature just blinks a little bit and my character does nothing. Once I got him to attack. The manual mentioned holding CTRL down which makes no difference.
There are two (plural!) different combat control systems which can be toggled in the options. The classic style offers more options, the action style maps the most prominent options to the mouse and gets the job done.

The classic controls are actually quite simple and very fast, but unfortunately they're both not intuitive and badly communicated.

The key point is:
The 'action key' [that's CTRL or the LMB] in combination with 'forward' ['cursor forward' or 'W' or whatever key you define] does almost everything.

Talk, activate, interact … a pressed LMB + forward does almost everything except combat and trading.

edit: It has been a long time since I've played it. Some trivial actions are done with a simple mouse click now, AFAIR.

Combat works the similar:
The 'action key' has to be pressed. Then the four cursor keys give you 3 active options (swing left / right, full blow plus step forward) and of course the block.
As you learn more skills blows can be chained into combos. Here your timing is essentiell. There's a short window to start the next blow when the last one is nearly over. If you miss it the combo ends. Same if you click too early or too often.

In the beginning you should only fight harmless creatures, and even only one at a time. You can and should run away! In the Gothic series creatures and NPCs are usually as dangerous as they look. Fighting one wolf might be okay, but 2 are a threat because they can surround you.
It's your own fault if you have no armour and try to use your stick on somebody with an armour and a two-handed sword.
The effects of higher stats and better equipment are quite direct. You can feel the difference.

Also one really frustrating thing is that when the game launches it highlights 'load game' so I press enter but instead it starts a new game which has no abort so I'm forced to sit through minutes of dialog (alt-f4 doesnt' work, neither can I get to task manager to kill gothic2.exe or whatever it's called) before I can hit escape to load a game. It's like a 10 year old on crack made this game.
Esc should skip most FMVs. The RMB should also behave like Esc more often than not.
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