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April 8th, 2010, 06:31
Peter, I'd actually prefer it if you didn't play all the quests ahead of the group. I think it's more fun to discover an area together rather than one person directing the group where to go because they have already played it. If you have played it before, then really you should keep quiet so that the rest of us can experience it fully ourselves, just as you had the opportunity to do so when you first played it. I'm only taking my chars through quests that we have already done; that way, I can fill in with whatever char type is needed. Also, some quests can play slightly differently depending on which character type you use. I think you might enjoy getting out of your comfort zone by creating a character you haven't played before and experiencing things in a different way. I certainly play my rogue far differently than I do my bard and find that the play experience is also quite different.

T, sorry to hear you're not well; is it related to your other 'temporary' condition, or just some passing illness? Hope you make it this week and hope you've finally got Skype working properly.
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