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April 8th, 2010, 06:45
To be honest, I don't think any of us should be telling anyone else what to play. I've played quite a bit that the group has not yet, mostly with my Paladin. Sorry but that is getting a bit forward to me. I bought some stuff to play, just so I can see if it's worthwhile. If I think not, I can give a recommendation. Even if it's free content, one of us can give a heads up on whether it's fun/not fun, or if it's worth the effort to run.

I can see not leading the party by the nose, since it is more fun to discover things and work out solutions as a group, but not playing on our own time is another thing entirely. Push come to shove the XP penalty isn't such a big deal, or we can try to put some time in to get everyone to 5, so that there isn't one.

In fact, anyone wants to level up to 5, let me know, and I'll bring my FvS to lend a hand. That takes care of the XP penalty, at least until Peter gets his toons to level 8. Then we get ours to level 6, and life goes on. Problems solved. Except my utter lack of cookies at this time. I am accepting donations. I prefer Oreos if not fresh baked.

T, hope you get to feeling better. Health first, then DDO. They'll be other Fridays.
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