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April 8th, 2010, 13:07
Is there a way to see which quest modules you've purchased? I think it could be a good idea for each one of us to post which modules we have so we can plan ahead and find new quests we know everyone can play. The problem with DDO is that once you have bought a quest you can't distinguish it from the free ones. Unpurchased quests are red, but available ones are yellow. So I can think a quest is free when you actually have to buy it.

By having such a list we could give hints when certain quests that not everyone has are on a sale. Maybe some of us could get visitor passes to the ones who miss a specific quest etc.? But I won't get visitor passes unless I know someone will need it. Right now I have no idea which quests packages we all have and which would exclude some of us. With maybe a few others coming to play we have to think about that. Also remember that a group can max be 6 people in DDO. So if we get more than 6 people joining on a Friday night we can split in 2 groups and play 2 different things. That won't happen right now, but can soon if we recruit more people. Then we can e. g. have 2 groups (one level 5-7 and one level 3-5) and you decide which one you want to be invited to.

I miss the times from NWN when we gave information up front on the forum about which quest to play on the upcoming Friday session. Maybe it's a good idea to do that again? Then people can prepare and make sure they're in the area of the quest when we login instead of spending 20 minutes in real time getting to the right place and sell junk before the quest.

We can have a contingency plan for quests so we write something like this:

Friday session 09.04.2010: Quests in the Marketplace area.
1. Catacombs from chapter 3 if regulars who have played chapter 1-2 show up
2. Proof is in the poison if rogue, sorcerer and fighter in playing group
3. Shan-To-Kor otherwise
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