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April 8th, 2010, 14:52
We did NOT finish Tangleroot. We are in chapter 4 or 5 I think. There are 7 chapters of the quest we're doing there. So it would be a good idea to continue from that one so time. There are other quests in the Tangleroot Gorge area we haven't completed either, like the rare encounters. I think we moved back to the Marketplace because one of the regulars didn't show up and we decided to play something else from start.

I don't think we've finished STK either so I suggest we try to complete STK and Tangleroot before trying something else. Catacombs are completed at least with one set of characters.

I think we could use the forum to arrange adhoc gaming sessions for alternate characters and new players. e. g. Temptress and Joe have some low level characters that have not been in the catacombs and some other places. So it's definitely possible to play with them so they get the XP for the quests.

Our biggest problem is that we don't know who will show up on Fridays and when we're in the middle of a quest series we try to put that one on hold until all regulars show up. I think either Joe or CM have been missing the last 3-4 sessions and that's probably the reason we haven't continued Tangleroot. I think we should do that because the end loot is quite good (+2 stat items and +3 weapons / armor).

I'm so old so I have forgotten who played in Tangleroot. I had my cleric in the group and I think we had Azraels paladin. Did Joe have a rogue, you a sorcerer and CM a fighter?

Look here for info about Tangleroot Gorge:
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