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April 8th, 2010, 14:58
Catacombs was special because we had to restart the quest several times to get new characters into the group. One reason was because some of you decided to play with other characters (you a rogue instead of the sorcerer and Joe the monk instead of the rogue). That meant we've played chapter 1-2 many times and that IS frustrating for all of us. I can understand the desire to rush through these 2 chapters to progress the story we don't know yet. But that was a result of bringing new characters to the playing session instead of completing with the ones we already had.

Each time you decide to restart a quest series you know you have to replay parts you've already done before. Should we then play these parts again slowly and spend most of our 2 hours on that or should we rush through and continue on the next part that we were supposed to if we hadn't got a new character popping in?

I think it's fine to replay some chapters to get a new person into the playing group so I think that's more important than having to replay chapters I've already played before.

You can be rest assured that your rogue will be very much appreciated when we enter trap heavy dungeons or we are in an area we don't know from memory. The traps become more and more deadly with increased level so even my paladin has respect for these traps now.
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