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April 14th, 2010, 11:51
The thing is, you see, that I've got this theory about difficulty.

It's not really about how difficult a game is, but about how invested as a person you are in the game.

Sure, there are games that are nearly impossible to "beat" unless you're heavily invested - and today most games are (on "medium") total pushovers for enthusiast fans.

But, in the "old days" developers WERE enthusiast gamers themselves and that's how the bar was set. It has nothing to do with being "better" as players, but simply being more invested.

That's what I believe in, in general, and that's why I want developers to set a bar that matches their own artistic vision - because then we don't have to metagame, and we don't have to mess up the experience by making it into anything but what it was intended to be.

I know that's not realistic to expect - so it's just a wish that won't come true




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