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April 14th, 2010, 20:29
Originally Posted by crpgnut
A level one character did as much damage with a fireball as a level 15 character.
Sorry I am replying so late to this- just caught it.

One thing that seems to be really difficult for some players to remember is that Eschalon is a Skill-based RPG. What you are describing is a Class-based RPG, where your character's Archetype is described by his Class, and his power comes from his level- meaning a level 15 Mage can cast more powerful spells than a level 1 Mage.

In Eschalon, it is all about where your place your Skill and Attribute points. A level 3 Mage could potentially cast much more powerful spells than a level 10 Mage, if it so happens that the L3 Mage dedicates more Skill and Attribute points to the appropriate stats. The stats that you develop tend to describe your character, not necessarily his Class moniker. In beta testing we're seeing all sorts of character builds come through the game: Mage-Fighters, Rogue-Healers, and Ranger-Alchemists just to name a few- it's all about the Skills you decide to develop.

So to answer your question, crpgnut- Book 2 still works with the same basic ruleset as Book 1.
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