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April 15th, 2010, 16:36
I played several characters through level 10 or so in Eschalon. The bottom line is that a pure mage doesn't stand a chance of doing as much damage as a melee class. The game wasn't balanced fairly, it was made for weapon fighting with damage spells strictly inferior. The 2nd problem was that a mage would constantly have to rest because mana regeneration was a joke. The game was well written and fairly fun, but mage weak. I just happen to enjoy playing battle-mage types and so your game's flaws were very evident to me. It sounds like Book II will be the same. I've read about feats and stuff for combat that will make it even more lopsided against magic. Your beta testers are pointing out magic's weakness but it doesn't sound like you're going to address the issue in any meaningful way. To me, swinging a sword isn't a fantasy crpg. You can do that in real life. Magic makes crpgs different than other games. Otherwise, you might as well play Mount and Blade.

I'm willing to try the demo as a mage and as a fighter and if I'm wrong about the balance, I'll gladly admit it. I've been around a LONG time so if there is a way for mages to equal fighters, without weapon skills, I'll find it.
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