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April 16th, 2010, 17:47
Originally Posted by Foss View Post
But isen't it possible for developers to do that even now. I mean, you could assume that Normal difficulty is what they have envisioned for their game. And if you want to play closest to the developers vision you would play on normal mode.
I don't see that the ability to increase or decrease the difficulty by individual players would have to hinder that.
Potentially, but the wording is messed up - because "normal" is obviously meant for the casual gamer these days.

Beyond that, they need to design games so they can apply difficulty levels that are not expensive to implement. So that's PART of why games are so simplified and streamlined today, because they're working according to design blueprints they know will work.

They simply adjust hitpoints and stuff like that - because they know their audience expects multiple difficulty levels.

So, in fact, it has a big impact on the overall design approach - and it's my claim that it hurts gameplay on levels most people aren't even aware of.

But, if they managed to have the 100% "pure" experience on "normal" - then yes, it would be ok. But that's not what normal is.




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