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April 17th, 2010, 17:33
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Tim Cain? THE Tim Cain? One of rare designers with outstanding imagination?
He chooses boredomallovertheplace Oblivion?! Are they sure it's Tim Cain and not Lord British who wrote that?
I'm gonna commit a suicide.
Ok, ok, I won't, he admits he didn't play many RPGs so I shouldn't feel that much surprised.

I've read the rest of the article, and I must say that I've doublechecked if the date was 1st of april. Chris Tailor choses Torchlight?! I can't believe this, I simply can't.

The only one who was brief and probably got the choice I like was Michal Madej, he didn't choose one game actually, but went with a set of games I enjoy(ed): Deus Ex, Arcanum, Bloodlines and ME2.

I'm afreaid this means only one thing. Tim Cain's FO3.5:NJ will be another booooooooooorin' Oblivion. Tim, goodbye from me.
Fallout Online will be who-cares-about Torchlight online. Yuck!!! I'd rather play missbimbo.com.

But The Witcher2? Will I see a mix of Deus Ex, Arcanum, Bloodlines and ME2? Will I see a game with: almost unlimited number of quests and items, massive map with many places to visit, a comprehensive story with humor and choices, a scifi/mystery/thriller/horror RPG? If yes then I'm buying this one.
Don't like his choice too, but really man, you're making it sound more dramatic than it really is… Tim Cain likes Oblivion. Wow. Life goes on.
Also I don't really understand what you're talking about when you say "Tim Cain's FO3.5 : NJ" ? Are you referring to what exactly? Tim Cain hasn't been involved in any Fallout game that's not FO1 and he's not actually working on Fallout : New Vegas (if that's what you talked about) but rather on an unnanounced MMORPG with Carbine Studios.
As for Chris Taylor, he liked Torchlight because he found it a fun game, doesn't mean he's basing his design decision on the V13 project (who knows if in the end they'll be able to call it Fallout Online..) on it…
Finally, The Witcher 2.. I'll have to wait for new informations but it seems that they're taking the right design decisions.. of course you're setting the bar WAY TOO HIGH, no game will ever be developed with almost unlimited quest & items, dev time and resources are limited you know…
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