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April 18th, 2010, 06:54
You guys were a hoot to listen to! I was rolling and my tummy hurt a lot from it.

Thanks to Peter and Rach for at least TRYING to keep up with my typing since I couldn't chatty to you guys. You guys were so involved I didn't think I would be able to talk to any of you.

I know I said this already but after knowing you guys from the forums it wasn't THAT hard figuring your voices. Corwin I already heard but wouldn't have been too hard to figure either. The minute I heard you all chatting I knew CM and Peters voices immediately. JM I had to assume being the only other female. I was confused, however, on the other 2 male voices. I mostly heard Az's voice and assumed that was him when I heard briefly Dte's voice. I dunno, it was fun for me to listen and go I KNOW THAT VOICE! Amma weirdo that way.

Az, I'm glad you got some great progress last night! Was a lot of fun with everyone then with us at the end.

Peter and I played today and my XP was way off. We did the ENTIRE catacombs missions mostly on hard one or two on elite and I only gained about 2k in xp. Then after Peter left I went to The Cerulean Hills and did the find Lady whateverhernameis and I gained about 2k from that on normal. It was unusual but fun nonetheless!

I have to work on Friday and will most likely NOT be sent home early so I will just have to do what I did yessidy. Will see if I can get my Skype working but don't place any bets. I'm lazy.

Thanks for the fun gang! See ya soon!
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