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April 18th, 2010, 11:02
Originally Posted by bkrueger View Post
Vampire: Bloodlines being on the list forces me to vote for it, because for me it is clearly the best game on the list from an RPG point of view.

However it is no RPG/Shooter in my view (at least not on the same level as the others in the list). I would rather classify it as pure RPG when compared to those others.

If VtM:B would not be on the list, I would choose the System Shock/Deus Ex "Franchise".
I loved VtM:B but I don't feel like it deserves a 1st spot. The gameplay is mostly bad, since it was the first (and last, sadly) attempt of Troika at creating something in 1st person with RPG mechanics and they missed the sweet spot of player skill vs. character skill by a mile.
Really, the RPG mechanics were mostly good, but the combat at the end felt mostly unrewarding and boring. (this would have been mitigated a lot if combat didn't became mandatory after Hollywood).
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