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April 18th, 2010, 14:04
I bought T a 3 hour guest pass and we completed the entire quests series within that time without actually having to rush a lot. I guess it helped a lot time wise not having in the group a certain sorcerer / wizard who gets lost at every intersection.

I got more than 10k XP from the catacombs. First we met in Irestone Inlet on casual and then I got 0 XP. I guess it's a level 4 quest dropped to 3 because of casual. 5 levels on the highest character from the quest level means 0 XP. Playing on elite was challenging and I died once. We were only 2 so a full party on elite can probably do well if the average level is 5-6 or so.

I believed every character would get the same base XP from the quest so it's strange that T only got 2k. I have to investigage that.

Those are initially level 3 quests so doing them on hard means level 4 (-50%) and elite means level 5 (-25%). But you get a 25% bonus for doing it the first time on that particular level.

The loot was much better when we finished catacombs on hard. We had the option to select several ghost touch weapons and other stuff. I guess the loot on elite will be even better. Since we completed them on hard it means Khethermyl can open the quests on elite if we decide to try again. If I bring my level 7 cleric it means we will only get -25% and + 25% for playing first time. So we can get normal XP and great loot.

We both collected a ghost touch longsword. That means I have a spare ghost touch battleaxe (single handed). So please tell me if you want it and I can arrange that for our next playing session. I even got a ghost touch / pure good shortbow. That means I can give Joe my flaming shortbow.

I was a nice paladin giving all lot in chests and barrels to Khethermyl so she increased from a lousy 44 platinum to more than 600 platinum just from playing catacombs. That can help a lot when she could barely afford potions. Since she plays a bit solo it's good to have some money to repair damage after you die and potions to avoid dying.

The combo of paladin and fighter in a group worked great. I had enough healing to get us to the next healing shrine. After the quests I got an extra action point (from 1 to 2) so I could buy extra lay on hands. Now I have 3 lay on hands with 108 HP healing each time. I can cast 11 cure light wounds as well. Our biggest problem was that we couldn't deal with traps and find secret doors.
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