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April 18th, 2010, 13:33
This means that we need to stay within 4 levels to avoid penalties to the lowest level characters. That means the level cap for the group should be 7 when we have level 4 or higher people inside (many in the guild are that now). The level cap is 8 when we have level 5 or higher people in the group.

So that means Azraelck's and my paladins are outside the level cap as long as most of our guild players in the sessions are level 4. Soon they will become level 5 and we can use level 8 characters in guild play.

In addition to this we have to look at the quest level when playing. If we play level 3 quests we better do them on elite if we have level 8 characters in the group. We can do them on hard if the highest level is 7.

So in order to plan for the next guild quest we have to figure out if any of us have played the quest before. We can only start on normal if neither of us have played before. If one has played on normal then he / she can open the quest on hard. If anyone has played on hard before we can start on elite.

The 25% XP bonus for trying first time on a higher difficulty setting can offset having higher level characters in a group. So as a rule of thumb I would set the following "rules" for playing that would get adequate XP for everybody.

If lowest level PC = 4 => highest level PC must be <= 7
If lowest level PC = 5 => highest level PC must be <= 8
If lowest level PC = 6 => highest level PC must be <= 9
If highest level PC = 7 => quest level >=3 hard, >=4 normal
If highest level PC = 8 => quest level >=3 elite, >=4 hard, >=5 normal
If highest level PC = 9 => quest level >=4 elite, >=5 hard, >=6 normal
And so on
If we stay within these boundaries everybody will get at least 100% XP (included the 25% bonus for playing first time on a particular difficulty). What do you think?
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