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April 18th, 2010, 18:22
Gah! Math! Kryptonite…. lasers…. *thud*

I finished most everything in 3 Barrel Cove last night as well, save one where you have to have two people. I don't think it's very popular, since I was the only one in there it seemed. One was frustrating because it was largely under water, and it was very easy to miss where you had to go in a couple areas. Another was too easy on normal, because Resist: Fire made you immune to almost all the mobs in the second part, and you only needed two casts. The last quest series I ran was almost perfect, though I needed a Rogue on that one at the very end.

None had traps, actually, except the underwater one (which couldn't be disarmed, that one will be impossible on elite).

Then went to House D and ran some quest or another that was fun. "Storming the Beaches". Got knocked out right at the end, and sat there hoping to stabilize. I did, finally, and managed to regenerate to 1 hp, and slam my LoH for a miracle save.

I still have yet to get decent drops though. The best I've gotten is +3 Full Plate out of the level 6-7 quests. And a Elf-only +2 Dwarven Waraxe

Now I'm only 48,000 off from level 9. Gonna try to get it today or tomorrow.
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